New Features

New Features (2016)


  1. Systemstatus calls have been updated to accomodate the FS600A and other larger systems.
  2. The Doctor controlfile has been updated to allow defined waiting message to be answered 24x7 without changing the option, but the default response to waiting messages may be used in defined timeframes.
  3. Utilization reports have array Q size increased for larger systems such as the FS600A.

New Features (2015)


  1. The Host Name of the computer system is reported in the heading of all security and operations reports.
  2. License Key file for Performance Doctor may contain multiple computer systems.


New Features (2014)


  1. The station and usercode are now reported when a REMOTESPO command is issued.
  2. The number of lines allowed for password information is increased to 6 in the password screen.


New Features (2013)


  1. An option has been implemented in ODT reports so that they may be split into two separate reports. These are DCKEYINs in one report and MCS, ODT, and Remotespo messages are in the second report. The option is set in the released JOB/LOG/SECURITY.


New Features (2012)


  1. Trojanscan has a new option, "MAKEALLFILESSAFE".           4/12/2012
  2. The 'PRIV' option is not needed in Trojanscan as it is now the default.                                                                                       4/12/2012
  3. Doctor commands to initiate and terminate Performance Doctor  8/14/2012

New Features (2011)


  1. Password screen enhansed to provide site announcements and comments.                                                                                  9/01/2011
  2. Performance Doctor released                                                      9/15/2011


New Features (2010)


  1. Maintenance removal now includes Securitylog.                          8/16/2010
  2. SourceTracker allows "-" as part of the title of a file.                   10/5/2010
  3. SourceTracker permits lower case characters in the menu.          10/5/2010
  4. Maintenance now supports Security Logs.                                  10/5/2010

New Features (2009)


  1. System/Attach now creates a DELETEFILE that may be used to delete unused stations in the Coms cfile.
  2. Add starting a WFL to Resourcecheck.
  3. Implement option to turn Doctor schedule off.
  4. Trojanscan now reports all privileged programs.
  5. Increase mix number to 5 digits in Utilization reports.
  6. Permit specified Marc commands based upon station name.
  7. Print headings with Trojanscan for all Disk Packs.
  8. SourceTracker compare report for individual users.



New Features (2008)

  1. Include datestamp in Alert messages.
  2. Utilization alarms are now included with the alerts.
  3. Trojanscan now includes all privileged programs.
  4. Trojanscan now reports on large files.
  5. Trojanscan now reports all disks in one execution.
  6. A file is now generated that will allow del etion of non-used stations in the Coms Cfile.
  7. Wording changed in Trojan reports from ‘Dangerous’ to ‘Unverified’.



             Feature History for 2007

Include special characters and lower case letters in Password Aging.      8/02/2007

Implement a Marc Directive with commands for specified stations.         8/30/2007

Implement Parameter in Doctor to allow 1-28 former passwords         11/26/2007


           Feature History for 2006

Implement SECADMIN attribute required to access System/Makeuser. 1/01/2006

Separate the Coms Configuration information as a report by itself.  This

      information will no longer be reported in the general security report.  1/01/2006

Increase sort size specifications for ODT Report.                                   1/01/2006

A Timestamp has been added to the Alert audit.                                     1/01/2006

The maintenance program has been updated to include Sumlogs, Oldsumlogs, and  

      SourceTracker files.                                                                         1/01/2006

List history of last use of all stations in Cfile                                             3/12/2006

Restore proper Cande after MCP upgrade.                                            7/18/2006

Optionally, restore proper Makeuser after MCP upgrade                       7/18/2006

Upgrade to 52.1 (HMP 11.0) MCP release.

                Supported releases: 50.1, 51.1, 52.1.                                    7/18/2006

Implement report of the change date of accesscode passwords             10/26/2006

Implement parameters for started WFL tasks                                       12/15/2006

Report full usercode (more than 8 characters) for password changes     12/19/2006

             Feature History for 2004 - 2005:

Upgrade to 51.1 (HMP 10.0) MCP release.  Supported releases: 49.1, 50.1, 51.1.

Do not send alert for exception list.

Add mix number and task name for waiting alerts.

Implement variable print lines/page for Utilization reports.

Implement summary report for station attaches.

Implement maintenance program to clean up all audit files and utilization files.

Implement use of 5 digit mix numbers, when they occur.

Update Password Aging to work with InfoGuard. Create Marc Directives ‘Run’ and ‘Start’ to use a usercode list for permission.

Print ODTMSG audit. This report is added to the log security WFL and may be

          sorted by input message source.

Add station names and usercodes to ODT alarm and ODT audit.

Combine all Trojan reports as one – this is a new option, the old reports still work.

Use Marc directive to prevent MCS transfers for non-comandcapable users.

Alert synchronization.

Implement wildcards in Alert for multiple file titles.

Raise mix limit in utilization for large users.

Create ‘Status’ directive. This command available only for commandcapable


Alert messages interface with NXSERVICES as well as FTP.

Implement a new Alarm when specified files are copied or replaced.

Updates to Security Reports.

Implement ‘Ignore Inquiry’ for ODT Alarms.

Implement optional delay for waiting alerts.

Implement ‘Keep Alive’ in Doctor Controlfile.

Implement Holiday Calendar for automatic schedule.

Doctor Supervisor - Version 5.00.85

ODT Alarm
Intruder Alarm
Report Remotespo Messages
ODT audit name change to facilitate cleanup of old files
Update 48.1
Audit all alarms
Implement alarm exception list
Update 49.1
Audit all station logons
All alarms may now also alert via email or cell phone
A factor may be entered in the controlfile to raise or lower the elapsed time that the Doctor will wait before checking for waiting entries
Add Station ID for ATM messages
Alert reporting completely rewritten- all alerts are delivered in a timely manner and functions smoothly with PC Alert program from ICD
Intruder Alarms now include the IP address for telnet stations
Do not send alert for except list
Add mix # and tsk name to check wait message
Change Alarm parameters to increment with +
Upgrade to 50.1
Include ONRE Exceptions
Look for IP Address when not Client Response
Upgrade Mix Numbers to Include 5 Digits


Utilization Software - Version 04.7.2004

Update to 50.1
Implement variable print lines/page

Log Reporter - Version 5.08.2003

Userdatafile enhancement
Fix read of bad log file

Fix Seg Array Error at 71200000
Expand Userdatafile messages to include changed items
Improve userdata reports for HOMEMENU and MENUFILENAME
Clarify Logging Report
Align Print Headings for Director users
Enhance LOGGING Report Version

Report of Alarm Audit File

Add Option to print only last alarm file
Print library and database records
Filter NX services retries
Fix heading in alarm report with no alarms
Implement option to not print copy records in file status report
Extend alarm report to include full message
Provide "no records to report" for status report
Increase lines/page for logging report
Monitor - Version 5.00.023

Password Aging
- Version 5.000.028

Prevent password reuse for 8 itterations


Change Dayswarning to Udayswarning for Unisys Compatibility

Cande Audit 50.1
Cande audit name change to facilitate cleanup of old files


Update to 50.1
Correct Cande Station Reference

Marc Directives
- Version 05.26.04
Add WFL Print capability for non-commandcapable  users         
Restrict PA Command to Command capable users Version


Restrict CO Command to Command capable users Version

- Version 10.03.2001
Eliminate BCL Translate table

- Version 7.02.97

- Version 05.26.2004

Expand Number of files/diskpack to 655365
Add "No Records to Report" for blank reports
Align Print Heading for Director users




Change Name from Virusscan to Trojanscan

Tape Library
- Version 10.29.2002

Calculator Program
- Version 10.30.1998



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