Updates for 2016

Maintenance - now updates properly with serial numbers with a zero as

second digit.                                                                                            11/22/2016

    Updates for 2010

SourceTracker - Allow "-" as part of the Title of a file.                                   1/04/2010

SourceTracker - Allow lowercase letters to be used in menu.                       1/04/2010

False DSED alerts are no longer issued.                                                    1/06/2010

Mix number and task name now match in DSED alerts.                               1/06/2010

Update Doctor Calendar                                                                            2/01/2010

Fix Alternate user in SourceTracker to reference correct family disk              2/11/2010

Fully implement Report of Changes to My Usercode Files                            3/01/2010

Expanded sort space for Trojanscan                                                           8/13/2010

    Updates for 2009


Maintenance program - Now works with any designated disk pack              12/4/2009

SourceTracker - Now works with any designated disk pack.                       9/23/2009

SourceTracker - Always print a compare report, when asked.                     9/17/2009

Allow Cande report instead of waiting for an audit file.                                 8/26/2009

Fix Doctor fault at 21020000                                                                    7/11/2009

SourceTracker - Fix source attribute error and file name truncation              3/11/2009

Fix Doctor ONRE to accept systems with a mix greater than 600               3/17/2009

Mix numbers are acquired with speed                                                       3/17/2009

Implement option to turn Doctor schedule off.                                            1/27/2009

Trojanscan now reports all privileged programs.                                         1/27/2009


      Updates for 2008

Trojanscan now includes all privileged programs.

Fix Trojan Scan to include all files including large files.                              3/12/2008

Fix sporadic messages in Doctor monthly calendar.                                  3/20/2008

      Updates for 2007

Add additional info for Trojan files that produce errors in their directories.      1/12/2007

Fix holiday calculation for previous day holiday in automatic schedule.         1/14/2007

Fix blank usercode on userdata report.                                                      8/30/2007

Fix ODT sort to print by time-of-day.                                                        12/11/2007


     Updates for 2006

Eliminate duplicate "No Records to Report" in Trojanscan.                         1/01/2006

Fix "Safe" file's records being deleted occasionally by Trojanscan.              1/01/2006

Prevent duplicate file alarms.                                                                   1/31/2006

Fix fatal error in holiday calendar for automatic schedule.                           3/18/2006 Waiting messages in Alerts were occasionally ignored.  They are now checked every

     hour and ignored alerts will be resent.                                                   5/25/2006

Fix fault at 45638200 for large number of waiting entries                              7/04/2006

Fix fault at 45661200 for large save wait definitions                                     7/04/2006

Restore proper Cande after MCP upgrade.                                                 7/17/2006

Optionally, restore proper Makeuser after MCP upgrade.                             7/17/2006

Maintenance has been updated to include Sumlogs & SourceTracker files    7/21/2006

Fix spurious messages in calendar                                                         11/06/2006

Fix fault at 28440000                                                                             11/09/2006

Implement WFL parameters in started tasks                                            12/15/2006

Log Reporter
Fix read of bad log file                 6/25/2001
Fix seg array error at 71200000
Fix seg array error for NX5600
Fix alarm audit to include first 13 characters
Fix mix number in reports when it is < 4 digits
Fix heading in alarm report with no alarms
Fix alarm report to include 1st character
Fix station report to list only one record and report the full station name



Eliminate duplicate "No Records to Report"



Password Aging
Fix 2001 date problem

Fix no expiration problem

Cande Audit
Title format change to facilitate cleanup of old files

Limit waiting alarms to one occurrance


Fix Invalid Index when Mix Exceeds 500                 10/4/2004
Fix LC Delete with no Trailing Info                10/26/2004
Fix Waiting Message Truncation                11/22/2004

Utilization Software 4.7.2004

Fix extra task info on mix count                                             3/17/2004


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