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3 Types of Doctor Packages available from Integrity Services:

System Doctor Performance Doctor Super Doctor

Integrity System Doctor Software features include:

• System Initialization Setup                                             
• On-line Resource Evaluation

    CPU, memory, disk space, and queuing
• Automatic Trojan Scanning
• Maintaining System Options & Functions
• Performance Analysis Reports

    Extensive professional reports on CPU, Memory, and Disk Utilization
• ODT & CANDE audits of all commands
• Alarm Audit
• Automatic Disk Backups
• Automatic Schedule for all Jobs, Tasks, Commands, and more.
• Instant Alerts and Automatic Response to:

    1. Waiting entries
   2. Aborted tasks
   3. Any specified messages
   4. Any specified ODT entry
   5. Intrusion Detection

   6. Intrusion Detection
• Verify Readiness for MCP Upgrade
• Mix Task Resource Monitoring
• Library Verification
• Installation of Unisys ICtapes

        (formerly called Atapes)
• Safe Delete and Purge Commands
• Station Security
• Extensive Security Reports containing:

    1. Security Log-on errors with LSN
   2. Userdata file modifications
   3. Files that are created, removed, renamed.
   4. Databases that are opened and closed.
   5. Coms configuration file changes.
   6. Security attribute changes.
   7. Data Comm configuration changes.
   8. Logging option changes.

   9. Creation of Privileged programs and libraries.   
   10. Alarm Audit and CANDE Audit.

  11. Intruder attempts.

Integrity System Doctor
is a comprehensive and unique network of software focused around the Integrity System Supervisor. The purpose of the Doctor is to analyze system problems (operational and performance) and security threats that may compromise the integrity of the computer system. It will then fix or give directions on what options you have to resolve needed issues.

Integrity Performance Doctor Software
features include:
All of the features listed under the System Doctor, and it includes Graphic Performance monitoring at a workstation.

Integrity Super Doctor
Software features include:
All the features listed under the Performance Doctor, and it includes comprehensive Password Management.

Additional Software available from Integrity Services


                                    Source Tracker

Note: SourceTracker works with WFL source files and

                                                       Programming source files.

SourceTracker is software running on a ClearPath computer that will regulate and monitor source file changes. Each person using this system must have a personal usercode and the source files may be placed under multiple usercodes, which we shall call the production usercodes. When someone desires to update a source file, he or she runs the SourceTracker software. This may be done through a Marc window (preferred) or through a Marc or Cande run statement.  Cande or Programmers Workbench may be used to edit source files.


                 Activity Monitor

                    (Disk File Monitoring)

Activity Monitor has the ability to monitor activity of any file opened by any program running under MCP control. It is intended for use with disk files of programs communicating with network or internet software to insure that activity on the network has not ceased.

Password Management Software

Features include:

Password Aging for usercodes.

Password Aging for accesscodes.

Limiting password re-use for a specified number of changes.

A minimum character length for a usercode may be enforced.

A minimum character length for a password may be enforced.

The number of concurrent sessions for Marc may be limited to a specified number.  When the limit is reached all further log-on attempts will be denied.

Special optional functions.  Any one or multiple options may be selected:

1. A password may be required to contain at least two letters and one number.
2. At least three characters must be different from the previous password.
3. After changing a password, it cannot be changed for seven days.
4. When a password should expire, the user will be given a specified number of warnings before the password really expires.
5. The password will automatically expire after 150 days without change.


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