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SourceTracker is software running on a ClearPath computer that will regulate and monitor source file changes. Each person using this system must have a private usercode and the source files may be placed under multiple usercodes , which we shall call the production usercodes. When someone desires to update a source file, he or she runs the SourceTracker software. This may be done through a Marc window.


Note: SourceTracker works with WFL source files and programming language source files.


When running the SourceTracker software a screen of options will be presented, which are:


Usercode Set which production usercode.

Get (Check out a source file exclusively to make changes to it).

Put (Place the source file in production).

List Versions (List all versions of one source file)

List Source Changes for a Specific SourceFile

List all Source Changes

List All Source Changes for My Usercode


Activity Monitor (File Monitoring Software)

Because of the interaction of mainframe applications with the network, the operations staff can have a real challenge to monitor that all parts are executing properly.  E-commerce applications, such as internet banking, ATMs, etc., don't notify you when they have problems.  MCP applications have not received any notification of irregularities and hence think everything is alright.

Any critical application usually has a core application under MCP control and is doing disk I/Os when it is communicating properly.  When the network application stops working properly the core application stops processing disk I/Os because of lack of activity.  By monitoring this activity we can create an automated notification system of problems on internet and network applications.  When applications on servers outside the ClearPath MCP environment have regular I/O activity we can monitor and know when a potential problem exists.

Based upon this theory we now have a monitoring system that has completed the testing phase for e-commerce and network applications and has operated in a production environment.  More information is available for anyone who is interested.

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Reduced Fees for Doctor Installation

We are currently offering a special on our installation services with each sale of the Doctor software.  Normally for 3 days of services we would charge $920/day + expenses = $2760 + expenses.  For new Integrity System Doctor, Integrity Performance Doctor, or Integrity Super Doctor clients we will offer a one time charge of $1500 + expenses for 3 days of installation and on-site training.  If more than 3 days are desired, as is normally the case with the Super Doctor, then each additional day will be $500 + expenses.


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