Training On-site and DVD Training Classes

DVD Video Training Classes

*ClearPath MCP Security and Answers from Intregrity Services $250

*ClearPath Performance                                                     $250
*Implementing ClearPath Security                                        $150

*Integrity System Doctor Overview                                      $15 p&h

*In-depth System Doctor, Security, Cande, Coms Utility          $600

         Overview of Doctor Features

         New Doctor Functions in Detail

         How to Implement all Doctor Features

         Includes         Full Doctor Documentation Manual

*ClearPath Operations                                                        $600              Security, Performance, Operations Found Nowhere Else

*Best Security Practices on a ClearPath MCP Computer        $750

       This Class is the Best of the Best   

Classes include Power Point Presentation on disk and Integrity handouts.
The Doctor class also includes the Integrity Planning and Operations Reference Manual on diskette.

CD Video Training

*Three Methods to Access the Userdatafile                            $45

*Practically Understanding Security System Concepts (23 min)  $45

*Computer Security Issues and Integrity Answers (45 min)       $45


We started off wit a CD library, but changed to a DVD Library about topics relating to ClearPath operations.  The first 3 CD's are listed above.

On-Site Training

Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning

Main audience: System Analysts and System Programmers
Things to examine when your computer appears degraded.
Processor, memory, disk, and data communications examination.
Explanation and handouts of Performance monitors.
The performance analysis process.
Maintaining efficient system performance and computer sizing.
Using utilization data for computer sizing and capacity planning.
System software that noticeably impacts the system.
Procedures to use for temporary degradation.
New disk architectures.
Introduction to Capacity Planning.

MCP ClearPath Security [Two Day Class]

Main audience: Auditors, Security Administrators, System Analysts and System Programmers
Introduction to security concepts and overview.
Levels of security.
Access to hardware and software.
An overview of the standard NX and A Series security capabilities.
Unisys Info-Guard extensions Libraries, compilers, and MCSs.
Staff responsibilities.
Library Maintenance tapes.
Implementing security measures (a security implementation plan).
Security policies.
Security Support Library use
COMS security using COMS utility
Special security concerns of banks, service bureaus, and colleges
Station (terminal) security
Special security consideration for dial-in lines
Recommended production system tools
Interaction of IT personnel with auditors and implementing their recommendations.

Understanding the Disk Pack Subsystem

Main audience: System Analysts and Programmers
Disk pack file storage and structure.
Disk pack access rights.
Disk pack families and continuation packs.
Disk pack security.
Disk pack safety mechanisms.
Disk performance and monitoring.
Disk pack reliability.
Limiting disk use.
New disk architectures.

System Software (MCP) Upgrades

Using Simpleinstall

Custom Operations Training on Site

Operations Management

Main audience: Operations Management and System Analysts
Defining the operations management task.
Personnel scheduling.
Automatic job and task scheduling.
Getting the maximum from your A Series computer.
Management tools.
Tape library management.
Using a system supervisor.
Performance driven operations.
Refining management through keeping critical records.
Planning eliminates management by fighting fires.

MCP ClearPath Data Communications

Main audience: Operations Management and System Analysts, Communications and LAN Managers
Data communications overview.
Differences in data communications processors.
Adding lines and stations.
Expanding a network.
Host LAN interface.
Selecting hardware and software.
Modems and DSUs.
TDI lines, switched lines, leased lines.
Data communications security.
Planning and moving from data communications to LAN work stations.

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