Who We Are

Joseph Kite

Joe is the founder of Integrity Services and has more than 40 years of
experience on Unisys ClearPath computers and their predecessors (24 years with Burroughs and Unisys). He has been extensively involved in customer support and services. His specialties have included system software installation and upgrades, performance analysis and capacity planning, designing and implementing system security, data communications design and implementation, and system planning and configuration. Joe has been involved in training and education throughout his time with Unisys. Recent ClearPath MCP presentations have included operations management, new product release information, a disk subsystem overview, performance analysis, and security seminars.
We at Integrity Services have come to the conclusion that an independent consultant is in the best interest of every Unisys customer to evaluate all computer related decisions, sales proposals, and recommendations that you consider. We will work for you with an unbiased view toward your interests and objectives. We will make sure that you get the right system, the right configuration of that system (a very common mistake), and the right software services with a new or existing ClearPath computer system.



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