Joseph Kite

10 Radnor Road,
Newark, Delaware 19713
Phone: (302)738-7808
Computer systems consultant, specializing in:
software management, utilization performance, reliability, security,
data communications, total system integration and user interfaces.
BS degree in Education from California University in May, 1965
Major: Mathematics
Work Experience 
1965-1966 High School Mathematics Teacher at Oxford Area High School
1966-1967 Newspaper Circulation supervisor for "The Valley Independent"
1967-1969 Computer Programmer for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
1969-1986 Customer Support Representative to
Computer Systems Specialist for Burroughs Corporation
1986-1993 Product Support Manager for Unisys Corporation
1993-Present Self- employed as a consultant and software writer
Computer Experience: 1967-Present


B5900, B6500, B6700, B6800, B6900, B7700, B7800, B7900,
Micro-A, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, A10, A11, A12, A14, A15, A16,
A17, A18, A19, NX4200, NX4600, NX4800, NX5600, NX5800, NX6800, LX5000, LX6000, LX7000, CS7201, Libra:

CANDE, InterPro software, IMG, LINC, SMFII, HLCN,
CMF.DISK, CMF.SMFII, INFOVIEW (PC micro to mainframe
communication and terminal emulation)

Integrity System Doctor

Performance monitoring and analysis.
Security consulting and custom installation.
CANDE enhancements. Capacity Planning.
Solutions for customer problems on mainframe and
data communication networks.
Solutions for complex and difficult circumstances:
Plans to restore order focused on goals.
Resources brought to problem areas.
Management of project until course is clear.
Complete site audit (check-up)

References: Furnished upon request

Unisys Profile of Assignments

Philadelphia North Branch 7/69 - 2/71 Philco-Ford B5500 Timesharing
Wilmington Branch 2/71 - 9/87 University of Delaware B5500, B6700, B7700, A10
Philadelphia Commercial NA Branch 9/74 - 9/80 Artesian Water B2700, B2800
6/75 - 9/80 Chrysler Parts Depot B2700, B2800
6/76 - 9/80 PPG B4700
5/80 - 9/82 W. L. Gore B6800, B6900, A9, A10

Philadelphia District 9/80 - 9/82 Large System Software Support for Philadelphia
District (16 Sites)
9/82 - 10/93 Large System Software Support for Philadelphia FTC
(All A series and B5000-B7000 mainframes, 90+ systems)

Duties have included
1. On-site software maintenance
2. On-line software assistance
3. Benchmarks
4. Conversions
5. Seminars
6. Teaching classes at Company facilities and on-site
7. Hands on operator, programmer and systems analyst training
8. Reliability monitoring
9. Performance analysis
10. Network design and implementation
11. Trouble-shooting problems
12. Project Management: Recovering confidence of problem sites,
including on-site management of task groups
13. Developing software tools
14. Customer consulting
15. New system installation (Member of hardware/software team)
16. Computer site management assistance and training
17. Security design and implementation
18. Capacity Planning
19. Writing programs for performance monitoring, operational
analysis and assistance, capacity planning, and internal diagnostics
20. Team member researching and writing the Chairman's Total Quality Award application
Computer Educational Profile

9/03   Securing Your ClearPath Assets

2/03   SAN Workshop

1/02   Internet Security

1/99   TCP/IP Overview and Addressing Schemes

4/98   Configuring an Integrated ClearPath Network

4/98   The Future of Enterprise Comuting

1/98   ClearPath Workshop

6/97   Year 2000 Issues

6/97   ClearPath Systems Overview

5/96   Introduction to ClearPath

2/96   Introduction to the Internet

3/95   Multimedia Based Training

3/95   High Speed LAN Technologies

3/95   Data Internetworking Technology

3/94   Power Quality Workshop

4/93   VCON (CP3680 - A Series) NPIT Video Conference

4/93   Remote Database (RDB) Video Conference

2/93   3.1 Networking Release Transfer of Information

12/92 CMF.SMFII Seminar

11/92 Host LAN Connection Advanced Seminar

11/92 Host LAN Connection Planning Seminar
11/92 Host LAN Connection Administration and Operations

2/92   4.0 Release Seminar

1/92   SNA Seminar

12/91 KeyedioII Seminar

10/91 LAN Seminar

7/91   Workshop on Managing Unisys Quality
5/91   Professional Customer Communications II

1/91   Professional Customer Communications

8/90   3.9 Release Seminar

6/90   LINC Orientation
6/90   LINC A Series Installation and Administration

9/89   BNA and CP2000 Operations

2/89   3.8 Software Workshop

1/89   LINC 14 Update

11/88 Customer Support Center Internship
5/87   3.7 Software Workshop

5/86   BNA Seminar
5/86   A12 Seminar

3/86   Professional Workshop

7/85   Pascal

4/85   3.5 InterPro Seminar

11/84 Principles of Management

6/84   Customer Relations 1/99 TCP/IP Overview and Addressing Schemes

3/84   B7000 Hardware/Software 4/98 DMSII XE: How To Prepare

3/83   B6900 Data Communications 4/98 Configuring an Integrated    

         ClearPath Network

7/79   Project Management Seminar 4/98 The Future of Enterprise 


4/79   DMSII Administrator 1/98 ClearPath Workshop

2/79   DMSII Usage 6/97 Year 2000 Issues

9/77   B7000 MCP 6/97 ClearPath Systems Overview

5/77   GEMCOS 5/96 Introduction to ClearPath

12/76 B7700 Basic System Support (Update) 3/95 Multimedia Based

12/76 SPARK 2/96 Introduction to the Internet

9/72   Data Communications Network Design 3/95 High Speed LAN

6/72    B6700 MCP 3/95 Data Internetworking Technology

4/72   B6700 Espol 3/94 Power Quality Workshop
9/71   B6700 Data Communications 4/93 VCON (CP3680-A Series) NPIT

         Video Conference

4/71   B6700 Hardware/Software 4/93 Remote Database (RDB) Video


7/70   B3500 Assembler 2/93 3.1 Networking Release Transfer of


5/70   B5500 Timesharing Seminar 12/92 CMF.SMFII Seminar

4/70   B3500 Basic System Concepts 11/92 Host LAN Connection

         Advanced Seminar


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