Specialized Consulting Services
Content: Appraisal, Advice and Recommendations

Performance Evaluation, Sizing or (System Utilization Study)

Resource Evaluation
Identify bottlenecks
Growth recommendations
Trouble Analysis. (i.e. slow response time)

Security Appraisa
Security Analysis of the customer's security policy
Security analysis of ClearPath computer
Recommendations on policy adjustments or implementation
Implementation of the customer's security policy

Growth plan (Capacity Planning)

Capacity planning is not getting a big report one time.
(It must be on-going and not a one time analysis)
Establish base line
Performance study of current system
Make recommendations
Establish on-going analysis with Customer readable reports
Implement recommendations

System Planning and Configuration

Examine Customer needs
Examine existing computer system
Make recommendations

Data Communications Design and Implementation

Examine existing data communications network
Examine and discuss customer needs
ClearPath to LAN communication
Make recommendations

Software Package Evaluation

System impact
Resources needed

Operations Analysis

Evaluate existing operations
Recommend efficient operations tools and techniques

System Software (MCP) installations and upgrades

(Customized for site needs)


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