Security Virus Software

The Security Virus Software from Integrity Services is an interactive program that will scan a user specified disk pack and report potentially dangerous programs. The capabilities and potential problems imposed by each of the following categories vary with each category. A brief description has been enclosed to state one such problem, but there may be others as well. Each program presented to the user will fit into one of the following categories:

1. Bootfile program - Contains the instruction set for the processor

2. MCP code file - Contains operating system capabilities

3. ESPOL code file - Previous language of MCP (privileged constructs)

4. DCALGOL code file - Allows DCKEYIN intrinsic to perform ODT commands

5. DMALGOL code file - Allows DCKEYIN intrinsic to perform ODT commands

6. NEWP code file - Compiler for MCP, etc. (privileged constructs)

7. BINDER code file - Combines different code files including any of the above

8. Privileged Program - Eliminates any security verification for file access

9. Compiler code file - This property allows creation of code files. Each file, when encountered, will be presented to the user for action. The allowable actions that the user must specify are:

1. Remove - the file is permanently removed.

2. Ignore - the file will remain on the disk pack .

3. Save - The file will remain on the disk pack, but information about the file will be stored in a disk file that will allow it to be automatically verified as a good file in subsequent executions of the virus program. By using this option the user is determining that the file is safe. If this file is replaced by another code file of the same name in the future, this fact will be reported in future executions of the virus scan program.
Note: Dangerous file attributes and categories will be expanded as new virus issues are discovered.

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